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PRO.EFF – a self made success story  

PRO.EFF has its headquarter in Minden, a city in the eastern part of Westphalia, situated at the foot of the Wiehen Mountains, 75 west from Hanover/Lower Saxony.  

35 engineers and technicians specialized in automation technology work here since more than 15 years to develop facilities for processing and inspecting cables, connectors, grommets and hoses in the automobile, electronics and electro-industries.

vision of effective production was imparted to the company by its founder Ulrich Pumpe in 1989. It remains the guiding vision. Today, a young and highly motivated team is committed to its fulfillment.  

Key products by PRO.EFF are its AIRSTREAM and EXTENDOR programs, which are processing systems for the precision fitting of cable grommets using air pressure and/or pneumatic expansion. Like all of PRO.EFF’s product groups, these processing systems are based on the modular principle and are subject to ongoing development. This makes it possible for us to configure customer-specific production lines using tried-and-tested components on short notice.  

Numerous patents evidence the great innovative capacity of the enterprise. Continuous growth – driven by the ongoing development of new products – is proof of our success on the market.