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Production errors detected under water zum ausdruck in neuem fenster öffnen Artikel per Email verschicken
Insulation tests on sensors – high-voltage test in water bath  

In order to guarantee smooth functioning of sensors which come into contact with water, it is necessary to perform certain tests.  

has developed a unit with time-tested modular design for this purpose.  

The following components are included in the unit:  
  1. Water bath with overflow and pump station
  2. Connecting station with activators for sensor connectors connected to the conveying belt
  3. Testing station which checks for sealing rings
  4. Monitor for water level
  5. High-voltage testing station
  6. Collection station for good parts
  7. Cutting station for reject parts with ejection
  8. Integrated twisting station
  9. Self-monitoring functions for all testing media  
Model testing parameters
Testing voltage 3,0 KV , 50 Hz
Current limit 0,9 mA max.
Duration of test 1,0 Sec.
Test     after 1.0 min. in low-surface-tension water
Immersion depth 1.0 mm below the coupler plug-and-socket connection