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Deutsche Version

PRO Twist 1000

Qualitative twisting operation of
two-, three, and four-fold individual
strands according to Cable-Norm LV 122

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Programmable Twisting Machinery

with Quick-exchangeable Twisting Heads

+ Twisting of two, three and four individual strands, which can
    be unprocessed, stripped, crimped, or assembled with seals

+ Customized adapters available (e.g. Connector housing)

+  Integrated Length Measureing System to assure final length of 
processed cable

+ Service Interface for Network-access and remote maintenance

+ High production-velocity

+ Integrated touch-screen, allowing effortless adjustments and



 + Double Twisting head    + Modem interface for remote maintenance
 + Trible Twisting Head    + Data communication program
 + Quadruple Twisting Head  

 + Grip- and pull - force adjustment through

     + Machinery - extensions in 3 - Meter - Segments
     + Information board and service - drawer

 Technicial Data: