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Serial productivity zum ausdruck in neuem fenster öffnen Artikel per Email verschicken

Transfer System with active workpiece carriers  
PRO.EFF has developed a completely new Transfer System with the aim of providing sophisticated, extremely flexible automation technology for numerous applications. A specially developed modular construction with various interfaces is what ensures the system’s flexibility, making it possible to meet the special needs of customers but also to react to technological innovations and future changes in applications.  

1. Modular construction of the basic unit The basic unit of the Transfer System consists of 3 elements – a transport rail, active workpiece carriers and work stations.  

The basic unit is 2.20 m long. By placing basic units next to one another, the Transfer System can be extended to a length of approx. 30 m. Thus even very complex processes calling for up to 50 work stations can be automated.  

  • The product can be moved to another active carrier with a different configuration for finishing. To do this, the two segments of the Transfer System are placed parallel to each other for a short stretch and a transferring unit is installed which connects them at this point. This creates a typical linear, segmented construction.
  • Each segment can use a different active workpiece carrier.
  • The individual segments are connected via a portal transfer station.

1.1 Conveyor rails  

  • The workpiece carrier is moved by a feeding rod with pneumatic catches. The rod is driven by a servomotor.
  • Via a pallet centering device, the workpiece carrier is positioned precisely at every processing station (+/- 0.5 mm).
  • The forced control allows for short, even steps.
  • The carriage is returned quickly by a slide rod which is mounted directly underneath the unit to save space.
  • The return rail has a double stroke and double speed to reduce the number of workpiece carriers needed.
  • The number of work stations which the basic unit can accommodate is determined by the size of the workpiece carrier – and thus also the product. The cycle time is also a product-specific parameter.
  • The processing stations and individual subassemblies are attached to the outside of the Transfer System in T-slots.
  • Processing machines made by other manufacturers can be integrated.
The construction allows for fast cycles in connection with the capacity to position and transport heavy components (up to 10 kg). Due to these unique features, this technology is suitable for a variety of applications.    

1.2. Active workpiece carrier with sandwich construction for  sub- and superstructures  

Running gear for moving, positioning and stopping the carrier on the conveyor rail of the Transfer System and at the processing stations  

Individually configurable workpiece carrier which is adjusted to meet the demands of the product in question (with a weight of up to 10 kg) and the process which is to be performed. It is equipped with 14 active connections (pneumatic) for individual handling such as for ex. clamping and positioning of the workpiece on the conveyor.

1.3 Work stations The flexibility of the Transfer System shows itself in the unlimited variety of ways in which the work stations can be used. As they are connected via tenon blocks, foreign machines can be docked on.  

PRO.EFF’s Transfer System can integrate foreign systems. It can also be integrated into foreign systems.

PRO.EFF entwickelt Transfersystem zum ausdruck in neuem fenster öffnen Artikel per Email verschicken
Mit seinem Transfersystem erschließt PRO.EFF eine neue Produktlinie und stößt sowohl hinsichtlich technischer Komplexität als auch der effektiven Größe der Anlage in ein neues Marktsegment im Sondermaschinenbau vor.  

Das Transfersystem dient der vollautomatisierten Kabelkonfektionierung. Durch die Modul-Bauweise und Integrationsfähigkeit von Bearbeitungsautomaten anderer Hersteller in das System eröffnet sich die Technologie für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungsgebieten.

Kernelement des Transfersystems ist der aktive Werkstückträger zum Transportieren, Positionieren und Arretieren der eine Bearbeitung oder Handling des Produkts auch auf dem Träger ermöglicht. hierzu werden bis zu 14 pneumatische Anschlüsse bereitgestellt. Bei hoher Taktgeschwindigkeit werden Produkte bis zu einem Gewicht von 20kg bewegt.  

Pro Systemsegment können bis zu vier Bearbeitungskomponenten der unterschiedlichen PRO.EFF-Programme (z.B. zum Anwickeln, Abmanteln, Vereinzeln, Verdichten, Verschweißen, zur Montage und Prüfung) untergebracht werden.  
Nähere Informationen über das Transfersystem finden Sie hier