Fully automatic assembly of components

Fast and flexible assembly is required in the production of connecting elements, connectors or sensors. The assemblies must be installed and monitored at the same time with maximum technical availability. A clever combination of feeding technology, robotics, end-of-arm technology as well as testing and packaging technology is the unique selling point of economical and high-quality final assembly. We apply our expertise in the automotive, electronics, medical technology and many other industries.
Nahaufnahme eines Metallbearbeitungswerkzeugs in einer Drehmaschine, das ein kleines Werkstück bearbeitet.

Chip carrier mounting system
Precise sensor installation

The right place

With the chip carrier systems, wheel speed sensors, so-called Hall sensors, are inserted fully automatically into the carriers provided for this purpose.
On these systems, it is possible to assemble the chips straight (= 180 degrees) or to bring the chip into the required geometry (90 degrees/120 degrees) fully automatically using an integrated robot.

The main components are

  • Identification of the various materials using a barcode system
  • Automatic feeding system for chips and carriers
  • Punching out the carriers with disposal of the punching waste
  • Automatic removal of the chip from the blister with a vacuum system
  • Magnetic field measurement on the chip
  • IO/NIO verification
  • Feeding and processing of the chip by linear or robot units
  • Mounting and latching the chip in the carrier

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