Fully automatic processing of components

Whether drilling, milling, turning, cutting or grinding, the machining of components is a task that is used in our automation systems.
Nahaufnahme eines Metallbearbeitungswerkzeugs in einer Drehmaschine, das ein kleines Werkstück bearbeitet.

The pin cutter
Product-specific cross-cut device

The right cut

With the chip carrier systems, wheel speed sensors, so-called Hall sensors, are inserted fully automatically into the carriers provided for this purpose.
On these systems, it is possible to assemble the chips straight (= 180 degrees) or to bring the chip into the required geometry (90 degrees/120 degrees) fully automatically using an integrated robot.

The main components are

  • Identification of the various materials using a barcode system
  • Automatic feeding system for chips and carriers
  • Punching out the carriers with disposal of the punching waste
  • Automatic removal of the chip from the blister with a vacuum system
  • Magnetic field measurement on the chip
  • IO/NIO verification
  • Feeding and processing of the chip by linear or robot units
  • Mounting and latching the chip in the carrier

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